I am Kirill, 12 years old student from Ukraine. I study English with NESOL programme. It is very interesting for me. I speak with other students who are from different cities of our country through live online sessions. So I have virtual classmates too. We are playing some games for improving our speaking skills. I recommend the NESOL programmes to other students. Also, I have got higest appreciations of the English language at my school in Ukraine after I have joined the NESOL Spoken English.
I am 12 years old and studying English with NESOL. At my second month of NESOL’s Spoken English course I feel that my English is improved much better compare than my first day of the session. I like my teacher, he is very cool and proffesion. I start to understand him very easy. Now, I can speak fluently with my pen pals friends who are from other countries, and also I am able to understand films in English. So I am very thank you to our teacher Philip for that. I recommend the NESOL programmes and its academy to whoever want to speak English fluency and feel more successful.The lessons are dynamic and interesting.
Bridnay Valentin
My child wants to associate a future profession with English. Unfortunately but the level of training at a regular Ukranine's schools has a significant disadvantage: almost 100% is the lack of a living language. We looked for any courses or tutors who could lhelp her but my daughter still was not satisfied with the results, because she could not speak and understand native English speakers.Then we found NESOL. We have got results after two months already: 1. She starts to speak more quickly and more sure 2. She even feels where she makes mistakes and corrects them himself, that is, she began to "feel" the language; 3. She started to be more confident in herself. The whole process of learning takes place without pressure and coercion, very easy. And the main thing - the child likes that. It was surprise for me that on such a great result for the short time. Thanks to the NESOL team for their work. You have saved our time and money.
Bridnay Valentin
Дитина хоче зв'язати майбутню професію з англійською, але рівень підготовки у звичайній школі має суттєвий недолік: майже 100%-ва відсутність живої мови. Ми спробували не одні курси та репетирорів. Моя дочка не була задоволена результатами, бо так і не могла говорит та розуміти нейтів English. Тоді ми знайшли NESOL. Спробували. Минуло майже два місяці і які результати ми маємо: 1. She start to speak more quickly and more sure 2. Вже сама відчуває, де робить помилки і себе виправляє, тобто почала "відчувати" мову; 3.Стала більш впевненою у в собі. Весь процес навчання відбувається без тиску і примусу, дуже легко. А головне - дитині подобається. Я не розраховував на такий чудовий результат за такий короткий термін. Дякую колективу NESOL за такий лайфхак. Ви заощадили наш час і гроші.